The Library has a quantity of books donated by many people, Friends and other supporters throughout the year. We accept any paperback or hardback you think might be of interest to the Library and its readers. However, not all these books will be suitable for our Library shelves and this is what we do to find out:

1. All donated books are sorted at our monthly Work Party afternoons at which volunteers come and sort them into groups.

2. We inspect condition - is the book clean with no torn cover or pages and no discoloured pages.

3. Is it too old to be of interest any more, is the content too specialised  for a small library. Such books are set aside and dealt with as below.

4. Next we sort suitable books into fiction and non-fiction.

5. For fiction, we have a catalogue for all books currently on the Library shelves. All new fiction is checked through the catalogue. If it does not appear, the book will go to a second volunteer who checks through our second catalogue to make sure it has not been in our Library during the previous two years. If not it passes to a volunteer who begins the recording of a new book. If it is already in the Library, it is either kept for sale at our Open Day or other sale opportunities, or sold to a company who buys unwanted books for pulping or other sale options. This is a useful though small addition to our income for the year.

6. Non-fiction is dealt in the same way as are the books deemed to be unsuitable for the LIbrary as mentioned above.

"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are." Mason Cooley


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